Work Experience Summary


Perform are one of the leading digital sport content and media groups in England. The company connects the world of sport distributing quick video and audio content which is distributed Internationally.

Perform Group are based in London, Feltham which is where I did my work experience. I was given a two week placement where I would be introduced to all the concepts of what the company does and would work with these different fields and decide which one I would like to partake in fully in the second week of my work experience.

My week began with an introduction to the Editors desk. Starting off here would enable me to see how content is gathered and distributed amongst Performs clients. On this desk I helped to produce emails that would go out to the clients to tell them what material would be available the following day for their use. Also I partook in the gathering of ‘Virals’ which required me to contact the producers of the original content that would be of interest to the company and get the footage for larger distribution. As well as this I was also introduced to the production of radio bulletins and how they were distributed around the world.

The second day of my work experience saw me partaking in further areas of the company to gauge more of what Perform is about and what material they produced. In the day I took myself over to the bulletin team who produced a daily bulletin for the eastern continents. This was an area which did not appeal to my interests as much but it did allow me to see how scripts were produced and see what type of footage they prefer to use for their audiences.

The second day also saw me partake in the production of a statistical video. This was produced using one of Performs partners Omnisport. Omnisport gather stats for sports across the globe and this specific video show was aimed at the upcoming Premier League weekend.

The third day of my work experience was the best one in terms of gauging my interests. I was introduced to the creation of cut and uncut videos. This was a key and one of the most prominent parts of the company. Here is where all of the video content would be brought in, edited and then distributed around the world.

After becoming familiar with the editing systems that they use I decide that I wanted to work on the Uncut team for the remainder of my work experience. Working for uncut allowed me to create and edit a range of different videos. The types of sporting events that I edited where as followed: MBL, NBA, Golf, football press conference translations, Interviews, editing live content and a range of other areas.

After already partaking in other work-experience areas with the Southern Daily Echo and the Portsmouth News, I can say that this was the best work experience yet and a bonus to my hard work and enjoyment was that I was offered freelance opportunities with the company over the summer.



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