5 surprisingly sugary foods

Action on sugar is a group that has been et up to reduce the amount of sugar added to food and soft drinks.

The aim of the group is to get rid of those ‘hidden sugars’ by working with manufactures.

  1. Yoghurt


Fat free does not mean sugar free. Sugar is used in these products to ensure that there is still a nice taste when the fat is removed. The issue is that people want there low-fat food but still want a nice taste.

2. Tomato-based Pasta Sauce


Shop bought pack can be full of sugar. The ideas behind this is to make the sauce taste less acidic.

3. Coleslaw


Looking at coleslaw you would think that it was mostly vegetables, however it comes with an added serving of sugar. This mainly comes from the mayonnaise.

4. Enhanced Water


Enhanced water contains vitamins ad sugar added to it. A 500ml glass can contain 15g of sugar in some brands.

5. Bread


The average sugar content in a slice of processed bread can be as high as 3g. The sugar is formed naturally in the baking process but is often added too.


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